2017 Plots Now Available!

It is time! Breslau Gardens is excited to begin its 2017 season, and is now accepting applications for a plot! If you are eager to grow your own food and get to know others in the Breslau community, you are encouraged to apply!

Applications will be accepted until April 20, but apply as soon as possible for a better chance of getting a plot. Visit the Apply for a Plot in 2017 page for more information.

We look forward to a great group of gardeners in 2017.


2017 Is Here!

During this spell of warm weather, we have noticed many people considering their gardens this year, and we couldn’t be more excited ourselves! Gardens are a source of food, comfort, and most importantly community, something we could definitely use more of now in times of uncertainty. Breslau Gardens is committed to creating a space to nurture this, and put the community in community garden.

We will not be starting the application process to receive a plot in the 2017 garden until later in the spring, so please stay posted to this blog or the Breslau Facebook group for more information. We are still in the planning stages of the garden, but are hopeful to be able to offer more to the community, creating an inviting, welcoming space for everyone.

If you have any questions or comments, please visit the contact us page for more information.


We’re so excited for spring, we wet our plants!

Spring is here! The weather is warming up, and new life is coming up from the ground. With that, the growing season has begun. The planning committee has been working hard to prepare for growing. The plots are now marked off, and wood chips have been put in. All is ready to have a fantastic gardening experience in 2016.

Now that the weather is on our side, the debate is on… What to plant? In the Breslau area, the options are limitless, as the garden has great soil and conditions to grow almost anything! While there are the classics: beans, peas, tomatoes, and carrots; there is also some new foods emerging that are growing increasingly popular! Why not try kale? Being a super food, it is easy to grow and easy to love. Get creative! At Breslau Gardens, we are looking forward to seeing everything our gardeners grow and the many successes we hope to encounter.

2016 Is Here!

2016 has arrived, and with that so does a new growing season! Our committee is working hard preparing for our first year of a community garden, and we can’t wait for June! We are excited to begin seeing interest from the community, and we look forward to hearing from more of you for plot requests, questions, and support on this project. While we are still near the beginning of the year, this summer is looking like a great opportunity!

Breslau Craft Show a Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Breslau Craft Show Saturday and visited our table! We look forward to hearing from you in the near future! If you are interested in a plot, please contact us and we will add you to our list. It is great to hear all the support that came from the community!

Posted October 20, 2015